Oakgrove School – Flat Roof Refurbishment

Refurbishing existing flat roofs to improve school
buildings and remove long-term issues of leaking.

Oakgrove School

Oakgrove School in Milton Keynes is an ‘all-through’ school for 3 to 18 year-olds. It supports 2,100 pupils. Since forming in 2005, the school has gone from strength-to-strength and has been supported by the Milton Keynes ‘Expanding the Best’ programme.

The Project

Various parts of the school buildings were experiencing persistent leaks despite many of these areas only being between 12 and 15 years old. The leaks were causing serious disruption to the school and its daily running. On occasion, areas of the school had to close. The site team were keen to rectify these ongoing issues to ensure learning environments did not continue to be disrupted.

How ECP Helped

Through our thorough site assessments, ECP surveyed the building and found inherent defects in the single ply roof coverings. Unfortunately, no valid warranties were in existence to cover the original roof work.

The project planning was complex due to the type of construction of the buildings. The structure was made of a steel frame with timber cladding, and the three-storey height made access and logistics challenging. A decision was made to phase the refurbishment project to minimise disruption to learning environments.

Over two consecutive years, our dedicated team helped the school to successfully obtain funding via the CIF bidding process. The second phase of works has recently been completed.

The refurbished roof areas now provide leak free accommodation and are covered by long-term insurance backed warranties. The school site team can now focus on other areas of building management with the leak issue resolved.

Project value



March 2022

Overall I have been delighted with the re-roofing and refurbishment works completed through CIF process with ECP and CWG roofing. At each stage of the CIF bid we have been supported, updated and consulted, especially around the CIF bid content, the scheduling of works and developing a very effective working relationship with contractors. Overall, the improvements in our school roofing have been amazing. We have gone from leaking classroom roofs, water damage and areas of the school being closed off, through to a modern roofing solution that will ensure Oakgrove School continues to be successful in all key areas. As Headteacher, I cannot thank ECP and their team of experts enough for all their hard work.
Ian Tett
Headteacher, Oakgrove School


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