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At ECP, our distinctive advantage lies in our leadership team, which comprises of our dynamic collaboration between construction and architecture. Across projects we can contribute expertise in design, creativity, and spatial planning, whilst also ensuring projects remain aesthetically pleasing, functional, and compliant with regulations.

We take a holistic approach to project development, seamlessly integrating design vision with practical considerations. Ultimately we deliver projects that are both architecturally impressive and financially viable.

Services available:

  • Architectural services through all RIBA Stages of work, following on from that undertaken through the Estate Strategy stages:
  • – Feasibility design
    – Statutory planning submissions
    – Detailed design and technical specifications
    – Contract administration and project management
    – On site assessment of works for compliance

  • Retrospective planning applications for unauthorised works.
  • Building Control applications.
  • Remodel and refurbishment of existing spaces to optimise use.
  • Pre-application planning assessment to understand viability of new developments on the site.
  • Independent site wide assessments including all buildings and external sports and social areas.
  • Compliance and suitability review of spaces against the Building Bulletins
  • Review and challenge of DfE CDC surveys
  • Interior design and 3D visualisation
  • Compliance with DfE Output Specification where required
At ECP our approach is to provide an early assessment of the suitability and viability of any project. To be able to help schools unlock space from the existing estate or through new build, and to ensure this delivers affordable and sustainable development.

Our Expertise

We provide estate consultancy services exclusively to the education sector, from a hybrid team of experienced chartered surveyors and architects.

Chartered Architect

All Architectural & Planning projects are managed by our Director, Andrew Southey who has been a chartered architect since 2002.

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We invite you to visually explore the range of projects we work on across the schools and multi-academy trusts we support.


All of our designs and plans for the education estates we support, accommodate sustainability plans.

Remodel & Refurbish

Potential always lies in utilising existing estates when planning for new requirements.


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