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Sustainability and decarbonisation are headline news everywhere you go, no matter what industry or sector you are in. Achieving net zero emissions has emerged as a paramount goal, globally. Education estates can play a significant role in reducing emissions, and we can help them achieve this. 

There isn’t simply one formula to achieve the reduction of CO2 emissions, if there was, everyone would be using it. There can be conflicting information as to what technologies are available to reduce carbon footprint, and which ones should be used.

At ECP we have been working with many of our schools and academies to provide the most efficient solution for them. These solutions differ depending on a building’s age, type of construction, thermal properties, usage, and the like.

We assist in reviewing the existing carbon footprint, because then we can put in place a suitable, sustainable solution. This can be for both existing buildings and sites, and also proposals of new projects. By proactively having this type of information available, it helps with obtaining future funding. It is seen as a key part of an education estates wider strategy. 

In the 2022/23 CIF bidding guidance, 4 points were available for either a sustainable element to the project (such as insulating roofs) or the schools’ own general approach to decarbonisation.

Energy Efficiency Related Funding

There are funding schemes available from the Government to help support decarbonisation efforts. One main one for schools is the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme, known as PSDS. It provides grants to schools so they can fund ‘heat decarbonisation and energy efficient measures’.

To help schools understand what they can obtain PSDS funding for, there is an additional fund to apply for first. That is the Public Sector Low Carbon Skills Fund (LCSF), which provides grants for schools to ‘engage the specialist and expert advice and skills required’, to produce a decarbonisation plan. More details of these funding schemes can be found on our Funding Schemes Services page.

How Can ECP Help?

Our team can provide ‘the specialist and expert advice and skills required’ in relation to the LCSF. We are able to bid for the LCSF without the need of too much involvement from the school during the early stages.

With the LCSF in place, or working separately with the schools without it, we are able to assess your sites and help develop a decarbonisation plan. That plan with the schools agreement, is converted to the documentation needed for the bidding process of the PSDS. 

How Have We Helped To Date?

Please take a look through our Case Studies, Blogs and Image Gallery to view the range of sustainability focused projects we have worked on. These include installing solar panels on roofs, switching to LED lighting and much more.

Our Expertise

We provide estate consultancy services exclusively to the education sector, from a hybrid team of experienced chartered surveyors and architects.

Case Studies

Take a look at our case studies to see the wide range of projects we have worked on.


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